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I come from a heritage that includes Norwegian.

I love Norway.  My family and I went on a trip there in 2007 for a couple of weeks.  It was really amazing. 

In preparation for the trip, my two oldest sons and I spent two years learning the Norwegian language.  These language skills then helped my oldest son in 2009 when he went to Norway for a two years LDS Mission.  Now that he's home, he is my Norwegian coach :)

This love of my Scandinavian background as also lined up interestingly with my interest in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and my artistic background.  I have recently launched a site where I will be selling many Viking themed MMA shirts, and other equipment, such as boxing and Muay Thai equipment. 

You can head over and check out that site: MMA Vikings Fight Wear.

I also train in various aspects of MMA and fighting.  I have a brown belt in Judo (it, a lot of throwing people around, no so much like Karate), and a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu (think Wrestling, but with choking people unconscious.)

I write actively on these topics as well.  Currently I write for Examiner.com, one of the 100 most visited sites on the web, with over 20 million visitors per month. As well as on my own sites:

Utah Martial Arts, where you can find content about dang near ever martial art there is (and which ranks in the top 2 or three on Google for pretty much anything martial arts related in the state of Utah.)  And my more Judo-focused blog, Utah Judo.

Other tidbit, we're HUGE Disney fans.  We generally get annual passes and spent a lot of time there.

We're avid knife throwers (I know, a little weird huh?) and have a target set up in the back yard. 

We raise chickens.

I really enjoy passing on my knowledge to (and learning from the enthusiasm and ideas of) other entrepreneurs...  I coach, mentor, judge, and do pretty much whatever I can.

Steve Spencer,
May 29, 2012, 3:43 PM