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Social and Marketing

I have been an owner of, or in a senior position in Interactive and Social Agencies since 2001.  The first Interactive Agency that I owned was Twelve Horses.  In that time I have spoken an many times on Social Media, and Interactive Marketing.  Several (but definitely not all) of these include:

  • 2010 Kynetx Impact - The future of interactive marketing (See the full Video of this presentation)
  • 2010 Park City Realtors - Social Media Strategies
  • 2010 Launchup - Keys to Entrepreneurialism
  • 2010 Northfront Entrepreneurs - Relationship Marketing
  • Utah Cyber Symposium 2009 – Social Media etiquette
  • UVU – 2009 – Web 3.0
  • Westminster – 2009 – SEO and web strategies
  • Utah State bar – 2009 – Legal implications and effective use of Blogging and Social Media
  • 2008 – Global Entrepreneur week – Viral Marketing
  • 2007 - Spoke along with Seth Godin and Patrick Byrne (CEO Overstock) – Marketing by accident

Within my role in heading up these companies, I have worked on Interactive and Social Strategies for such companies as: Deloitte, Motorola, JP Morgan Chase, Sun Trust, Liberty Mutual, Ski Lake Tahoe, Park City Resort, Heavenly, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and many, many more.

Within One to One, I also head up the "Thought Leadership" group, which is in charge of producing blog and social content, including white papers, case-studies, and for working closely with analysts to present our positioning and perspectives.  Feel free to check out some of my blog posts for Twelve Horses and One to One, as well as my white papers.

You can also see more about my professional experience, as well as recommendations as to what those who have worked closely with me have felt about me on my profile at Linked In.  Or, feel free to see a bit more insight into some of my more personal ramblings about business in general over at my Ugly Tech and Business Blog.

But be prepared... When I talk about business, or marketing strategies, I tend to be the person in the room that says what no one else wanted to say out loud.  I find that my "elephant in the room" personality, combined with a light sense of humor to keep people from taking offense, helps to explore all options.

Steve Spencer,
May 29, 2012, 3:44 PM